For Old Time's Sake

For Old Time's Sake

Just the thought of New Year's eve takes my mind to dreamy candle lit scapes full of all things sparkly and elegant.  Growing up my Grandmama always prepared the most delightful New Years Eve dinner parties specially for the grandkids.  We had permission on this one day a year to drink from her crystal champagne Coupes, and eat hor d’oeuvre on fostoria plates she received at her wedding.  We sat around a candle lit table, sipping sparkling cider or sprite, and eating an unhealthy amount of cream cheese in the form of shrimp dip feeling as refined as one could possibly feel.  The magic that was this event likely lasted all of 30-45 minutes before an uncle would arrive with armfuls of fireworks to top our full bellies off with a healthy dose of adrenaline before sending us off to (watch more fireworks from the windows by our) bed.  As we all evolved into teenagers and then adults, our idea of celebrating evolved a bit, but those parties still hold a torch to any other NYE celebrating I’ve done in my life.

Although I won’t be able to share the family’s secret shrimp dip recipe, I’ve created another that’s just as yummy.  To accompany the nibbles I’ve recruited the help of my friends at Fizz Mobile Bartending to make a warm toddy using some cozy spirits and our High Cotton roast, and in the process of mixing the drink managed to create a little spritz thats a bit lighter for any of you that preferred a chilled option!  In the theme of NYE we’ll call our hot toddy the Old Times Toddy as a nod to Auld Lang Syne

Shrimp and Spinach Dip


1 5 oz bag of fresh spinach roughly chopped

2 pieces of bacon

1/4 c butter

2-3 cloves minced garlic

1 t crushed red pepper flakes

4-5 green onions

1/4 sweet onion finely chopped

1/2 lb steamed shrimp (or 2 cans tiny shrimp)

2 blocks cream cheese

1 c grated Parmesan


In a 2 qt or larger pot place bacon pieces in and fry on low heat while chopping veggies.  The whites of green onions will be cooked with sweet onion, while the greens will be set aside to to garnish.  Once done cooking, remove bacon and chop for later, increase heat to med-low and add butter to drippings.  Once melted add onions and cook about 2 minutes before adding garlic and red pepper.  Once fragrant, add spinach and cook until fully wilted.  Stir in shrimp  and bacon then add cream cheese stirring often until melted and well combined.  Remove from heat and stir in parmesan.  Dish it up and garnish with reserved green onions.  Serve with some veggie slices or your favorite crackers or toast and enjoy!


Old Time Toddy


3 oz fresh brewed High Cotton

1 oz Queens Reward Mead **

1.5 oz choice Bourbon

3/4 oz orange liqueur

1/2 oz cranberry syrup (recipe here)

Dash of nutmeg

Mix and enjoy!


**we used QW Rubee in this instance in order to make multiple recipes, but their Winter Spice is an excellent option for this drink as well!!

MS Honey Spritz


3 oz Rubee Mead

1 oz orange juice

1 1/2 oz Peach Seltzer

1/2 oz cranberry syrup


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