Airpots vs Traditional Carafes

Airpots vs Traditional Carafes

Airpot or carafe—Which one fit’s your office’s coffee needs best?

When deciding on new machines or accessories, there are many features to consider: portability, space, and of course, the desired end-result that is fresh coffee. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming trying to compare the benefits of airports and traditional carafes, so we’ll break it down for y’all.

Carafes/ Coffee Pots

Awesome features

  • They’re traditional – People are familiar with these decanters.
  • Easy-to-use – Just pick it up and pour.
  • Transparent – Simple to see how much is left in the pot.

Considerable Features

  • Breakable – These traditional pots are made of glass and are easily breakable.
  • Coffee Flavor – Coffee pots don’t retain heat must sit on the warmer. Continually applying heat to coffee can ultimately affect the flavor compounds in the coffee and turn it bitter.
  • Coffee Warmers Can Get Left On – We’ve all heard stories of coffee warmers accidentally being left on all weekend. Luckily, most newer coffee brewers feature automatic warmer shut-off.


Awesome Features
  • Coffee Flavor – Airpots keep the coffee hot without applying heat to the coffee, so the coffee tastes fresher for a longer period than with coffee pots.
  • Portability – Since airpots don’t need a warmer, they can be taken to practically any area that they will be used.
  • Saves Room – The coffee brews directly into the airpot, so it can be moved directly after the brew and into the space where it will be used.

Considerable Features

  • Breakable – Airpots come with either a glass or stainless-steel liner. The glass-lined airpots will break if dropped, and the stainless-steel ones can lose their vacuum seal if they’re dropped too hard.
  • Not Transparent – To check coffee levels, you have to open the airpot and look inside.


Hopefully, this helps clear up any confusion. Be sure to consider all aspects when choosing your Office Coffee Solution! As always, we welcome discussing your coffee needs to find what fits your needs best. Feel free to give us a call anytime, y’all! (800) 795-3075

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