Coffee for Mississippi: A Coffee Subscription That Gives Back

Coffee for Mississippi: A Coffee Subscription That Gives Back

Southern Coffee Services has officially launched Coffee for Mississippi, a new custom coffee subscription program that collaborates with nonprofits, charities, and local causes. Each monthly coffee subscription contains fresh, locally roasted Southern Coffee Services coffee and a surprise gift from the partnering brand.

Palmer Home for Children is launching the first custom coffee subscription box in the Coffee for Mississippi program. As subscription packages build, as will the donations to Palmer Home for Children. Each custom coffee subscription box can provide up to $100 in annual donations. These funds will be issued to Palmer Home on a quarterly basis to best support their cause throughout the year.

“We are thrilled to launch the Coffee for Mississippi program alongside Palmer Home for Children. This partnership will help bring attention and donations to its mission while providing its supporters with Mississippi-roasted coffee,” says Chuck Lovorn, CEO of Southern Coffee Services. “Subscribers get to enjoy supporting the children of Palmer Home with every sip of our fresh roasted coffee—Coffee that helps provide jobs and opportunities in Holmes County, Mississippi and our hometown community of Lexington.”

Building your custom coffee subscription box benefitting Palmer Home for Children is easy. Simply visit to get started.

Learn more about the Coffee for Mississippi program at

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