My Favorite Mug

My Favorite Mug

Do you have a favorite mug? A special mug that reminds you of something or someone every time you take a sip? If so, you're not alone. 

Nearly 60% of people have an emotional bond with their favorite cup. 40% said their cup was irreplaceable according to a survey conducted by Heinz Cup Soup. Professor Charles Spence, an Oxford University academic and founding father of Gastrophysics, even goes so far to believe drinking coffee from your favorite mug actually improves its flavor. 

A few of us at Southern Coffee Services have our own favorite mugs, and we wanted to share the stories behind them. If you have a favorite mug, let us know by clicking here. We'd love to share your story too!

"I don’t own a set of matching mugs. Each one has been a gift or an intentional purchase from a local crafter or thrift shop. Since coffee is best served with great company and a heavy dose of good storytelling, I like my mugs to have the same attributes.  My most cherished amongst the varied selection, though, are from my favorite ceramic artist - my sister. This particular mug was a more recent gift from her. As an LA girl, she said the purple just called my name and she knew it had to be mine."
- Amy, Executive Chef

"My favorite mug was a birthday gift from a good friend who knows me well. For being a mug, it doesn’t hold heat very well, and it has been collecting some sharp edges around the rim, but it’s my favorite. Right now, I only have this one mug. All others have been cracked, discarded, or forgotten, but I could never imagine disrespecting 'Mr. Tea' like that.”
- Charlie, Web Guru 

"My favorite coffee mug is not really a mug at all. It’s a tumbler (large, of course). To me, it’s more about what’s in the tumbler, mug or cup that’s important. I like my coffee hot, as hot as I can stand it. This makes the tumbler perfect for me. What REALLY makes it better is my favorite coffee, which is High Cotton, roasted right here by George or me. It’s smooth from the first sip to the last. So, the larger the tumbler, the more coffee I get to enjoy!"
- Brad, Director of Operations

"My dream (bucket list kind of dream) was to go to Montana and I did finally  September 2018, and it was totally awesome. The land and horses and people were SOOO hard to leave. I’m a born and raised Mississippi girl but definitely will go back to my Montana soon. This was my little keepsake and it sits on my desk so I can remember every day."
- Mary, HR and Accounting Manager  

"It was probably ten years ago when my dad came home from a business trip with this mug. He had been in the mountains near a Cherokee Reserve; I think it was in North Carolina. We have endless amounts of Cherokee throughout our family, so of course, these gifts were exciting. He brought back a few different handmade items for my sister and me: a leather dreamcatcher with an eagle painted in the middle, two colorfully-beaded hair barrettes, a stamped clay bowl, and this mug. I immediately fell in love with the colors and the design of the mug. It has since followed me to college, many different offices, four state moves, and now sits in my kitchen in Columbus, MS with small chips in the handle and some wear on the rim. Every sip reminds me of my sweet dad and how much fun it was to receive surprises from his business trips when I was younger."
- Blair, Communications Director
"This is the only one I use. It was given to me by a special little girl who calls me poppy."
- Tommy, Account Executive


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