Iced, Pre-sweetened & Flavored Tea

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Iced, Pre-sweetened & Flavored Tea

Iced, Pre-sweetened & Flavored Tea
Southern Coffee Services is not just about Coffee.   We also make some of the best Open Brew and Pre-Sweetened tea on the market exclusively for use with commercial brewers.

Connecting your business to our community in Lexington, Mississippi.

When you partner with Southern Coffee Services, you are getting more than just great coffee.  You are connecting to the work we are doing right here in Lexington, Mississippi.  Customers value business that work with local providers and Southern Coffee Services is Mississippi's premier coffee roasting and service company.  Call us and see how we can serve y'all.

Looking for Beverage Service? Call us at (800) 795-3075

Opening a new Business?

Southern Coffee Services can help you with Office Coffee Service, Restaurant Beverage and Cafe Coffee Services.  Click below to learn more.

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Looking to switch to Southern Coffee?

We can make it easy to switch to our Coffee & Tea Services.  We may even include the equipment!

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Want direct service?

We operate a route that covers Mississippi.  In addition, our distribution partners help us cover the rest.  See about direct delivery to your location.

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