Benefits of a Froze up! Program

  • Premium Machine Leasing program

    Our leasing program gives our customers low cost of operation for your frozen beverage program.

  • No case minimums

    Froze Up! programs do not require a minimum case purchase at the store level. That allows you to run your frozen beverage business without contractual obligations.


    Whhat makes Froze Up! programs different is that you don't need special cups or pricing to be profitable. You can charge the same rate you charge for fountain drinks and have great margins!

Favorite Flavors for the summer

Froze up! has all your favorite flavors for the summer with many more special flavors on the way! Froze up! fruit flavors include Tiger Island, Blue Razzy, Mango, Sour Apple and many many more!

PRemium Frozen Machines

Our frozen machines are up for anything. These machines have backlit LED front pannels, illuminated barrel caps, easy to clean air filters, two augers and a completly sealed top to keep liquids from inside the machine. One of the best solutions in the market today!

And did we say service was included on all our frozen programs?


Froze Up! Frozen Cappuccino, Frappe's and Mocha's are a smooth and creamy alternative to traditional hot cappuccino. Great flavors are added and limited time offers create great margins when included in our complete beverage programs.

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