3 Tips to Building Your Custom Coffee Subscription

3 Tips to Building Your Custom Coffee Subscription

Our custom coffee subscription boxes make it easy and affordable to enjoy high-quality blends in the convenience of your own home. No grocery store stress or specialty store confusion—just fresh, locally roasted coffee delivered straight to your door. Here are three tips for building your perfect Southern Coffee Services subscription box:

1. Know What You Want
Do you prefer single-serve pods, grinds, or whole beans? Do you know which roast you would like? Perhaps consider ordering a sample to try out all of our locally roasted coffees beforehand.

2. Check Your Calendar
Delivery schedules are an important consideration when looking at coffee subscription boxes. We will add your coffee subscription into our roasting schedule to ensure it's as fresh as can be! Your box will ship the same day every month, so pick a week that is typically good for you.

3. Look at the Customization Options
Some subscription services will only send the coffee itself; we think it’s important to offer flavored creamers, sweeteners, and to-go cups to help customize your coffee experience. Let us handle the work so you can relax and enjoy the coffee.

Of course, we offer the flexibility for you to manage your own subscription account. If you want to change things up or make any edits, you can sign in and simply make changes right then and there.  

As your coffee provider, we are always happy to help when it comes to subscription boxes! Call (800) 795-3075 to speak with our team in the Lexington, MS coffee shop. 

Ready to build your custom subscription? Click the button below to get started!

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