Your Favorite Mug

Your Favorite Mug

Do you have a favorite mug? A special mug that reminds you of something or someone every time you take a sip? If so, you're not alone. 

A few of us at Southern Coffee Services wrote about our favorite mugs in a previous blog post. This inspired a few of our customers to share their own stories about their favorite mugs! 

If you have a favorite mug, let us know by clicking here. We'd love to share your story too!

"I like my coffee almost scalding hot and normal mugs are too thin and large to keep it that way.  My mug holds about 5 oz. and is thick ceramic.  The ceramic heats with the first cup and stays hot for 5 ounces.  Then, I refill for a second (or third, etc.) cup, and it is always hot!"
-Bill, Starkville, MS

"It was a gift from our two cats to show their appreciation."
- Kevin, Hattiesburg, MS

"A gift"
-Stephanie, Mississippi

"My late husband was from Tn. before we married, then he transplanted to Ms., this Tn., the mug was his favorite, now that he's gone, I continue to use it, makes me feel like he's having coffee with me each morning."
-Debbie, Mississippi

"Was bought for me by my Sweet Daughter, Christy"
- Patty, Bluff City, TN

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