Celebrating Grandparents Day

Celebrating Grandparents Day

Grandparents are a special kind of earth angel that nourishes our soul in a way no other can. They are a treasure trove of stories that ignite the imagination, lessons that pave the way to maturity, skills that often direct your future, and an overflowing cup of love for the children of their children.

“Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents or of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children.”  -Alex Haley

I’m not sure this is less true of grandparents as their grands enter adulthood. Even in my thirties, my grandmother never fails to have a fresh pot of coffee and either gumbo, etouffee, or chicken spaghetti moments away from completion just as a grandchild comes rolling into town...even whent it's unannounced. Its almost as if one gains a sixth sense the moment you become a grandparent. Peppermints always in Grandpa’s coat pocket for you to dig out as a child, and the stealth ability to sneak away in your car to fill the gas tank up before leaving their house. What a treasure they are!

Grandparents make our lives rich in a way we could never repay. Although we celebrate them daily, here’s one way to remind them how thankful you are today, on “their” day! Below, we’ve included a link to the sweetest printable card designed by local artist and illustrator Anna Ballard Fair available especially to Southern Coffee Service followers!

Download the Printable Card

Another idea that is sure to put a smile on their faces—A gift basket. We've put together one with Anna Ballard Fair's card, some Buzzy Honey Almond Granola, A sweet photo, and, of course, a bag of Grandma's favorite coffee. 

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